For a very long time there has always been a few people at the top who have tried their best to dominate, abuse and oppress the rest of the world so they themselves can be masters and everyone else their slaves.

They do not want to share, they do not respect traditions, they do not respect life. You are not an enemy to them because you don't agree, you are an enemy because you are not part of them.

For a long time humans have struggled to wake up from a hypnotic sleep more sinister and evil then any physical aggression. Human beings have been told that life is a struggle, that we must make do with what is given to us because the world can not support us all. We have been told that the world is a dangerous place and that our neighbors are out to get us. Humans have become shadows of themselves, their own fear distances them to everyone around them and alienates them to the world. This feeling of hopelessness eats away inside the heart and in its place there becomes a hole filled with vile, greed and pain. Humans reflect this feelings towards others, crushing the spark of life inside everyone, deafening the voice of Mother Earth.

We know who we are. We are part of the great cycle of life. We are not above anything, but we are not below either. We are equals to all Life. We are all brothers and sisters together with everything. Nothing and no one excluded, we are all one.

Drumming for the Earth is a powerful reminder. With our actions and love we speak directly to the Hearts of the World. We ask them to help awaken our sleeping brothers and sisters. Everywhere people are starting to wake up, and you are invited to help. Read on and get involved.

Not against race, gender or beliefs.
But against lies, abuse and hidden agendas.
Let everyone talk freely.
Let everyone choose what to do.
Let everyone go where they want.
Don't go back to sleep!

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