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On this webpage we will share information about what is happening around the world. Some of it will not be easy to read or watch. Some of it is spiritual. Some of it is scientific. And some of it is political and so on. We respect your decision to participate in the manner you prefer. We all come from different background, out of different origins with individual paths to walk.

Mother Earth speaks to us with a gentle voice, directs us towards where to go and what to do. Here there will sometimes be displayed violence and pain. We can not choose where our path will take us, but we all try and make our own journey as pleasant as we can. Therefore we will try and keep and uphold a balance on

Full Moon Ceremonies

You are invited to participate in a ceremony which we do when the moon is full. All around the Earth, individually or in groups, people come together and celebrate the awakening inside us all while we drum for the Earth. 

You are free to participate and hold full moon ceremonies in your own manner and do so as you prefer. We respectfully ask that you all remember to direct a special call to the Hearts of the World, asking the Earth to help awaken everyone around you and people where you live.
Direct yourself towards your own heart and ask it to open. Then ask your heart to call to the Hearts of the World, asking the Earth to help awaken everyone around you and all the people where you live.
Send messages

We welcome you to send us messages in any form and shape. We will try our best to show them here on for all to see. By doing so you can spread encouragement and hope to other people.
Send messages to: (Please no exceedingly large file-attachments, make them available for private download instead if you can).

Help us to reach out

We want to help, and we want everyone to know what's going on. But we need your help to do it.
You can help by just posting a link to on Facebook or Twitter. Mail our link to a friend that might want to know whats going on. And feel free to link to us from your own webpage, there's also a image banner you can use if you want to.

Past Ceremonies

A note to those who just woke up..

Please have a look at our documentary section for quick info.


Anonymous said...

Beautyfull! Here´s one who´ll participate, I´ll include this to my fullmoon rituals.

Grey said...

Thank you! Please share with your friends and networks.