Full Moon Ceremony - Tomorrow we celebrate!

Tomorrow we go out again and together we share a moment where we call out to those among us who still haven't awakened. We haven't been updating as frequently as when we started this webpage, this is because we're winning. We are in fact very active in the very celebration that will start to grow into everyone's future.
Many simply doesn't see the woods for all the trees in front of them.. You need to look around you and smell the Coffey. We're here! Start to think real hard about it, take it in, and think about what you want the future to be: You create what you want by being it.

The next upcoming Full Moon Ceremony is tomorrow, April 6th. We gather in places across the globe to connect our Hearts to the Hearts of the World. We drum, meditate, chant and dance to celebrate the awakening of all life, to let go of the past and let the Golden Age begin.


Not against race, gender or beliefs.
But against lies, abuse and hidden agendas.
Let everyone talk freely.
Let everyone choose what to do.
Let everyone go where they want.
Don't go back to sleep!
(Read more about the Ceremony)

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