Spring Equinox - Ostara

Blessings to all of you on this day. Today is spring equinox, or Ostara as it is also called. Ostara is the old pagan Germanic goddess of spring, whose name we get the word "Easter" from. Spring equinox, Ostara, is the origin of Easter when life returns to earth through the budding life in the soil.

Spring or goddess Eostre, is born again as part of the cycle of nature, the wheel of the year, and she brings us new life and nourishment - she saves us from the death of winter. Remember the Christian myth of Jesus Christ being resurrected during Easter to be the deliverer of mankind. This is no different from Spring (or Eostre if you will) coming back to save us; to nourish, feed and create new life on earth. Spring is our loving savior in this sense and makes us remember our relationship to nature, nature being who we are.

On spring equinox day and night are equally long. This reminds us of the balance between the light and the dark, between day and night. It's important to acknowledge the need for inner and outer balance, just as nature is always striving towards harmony and balance.

In the picture above we witness the symbolic dance of the two hares posing as light and dark, night and day, life and death. One cannot exist without the other, both are equally important for life to exist. Remember that this is not a fight between good and evil, where one must win over the other. It's more of a giving and taking, a giving and receiving. 
If we view life as a hard struggle between opposites, or if we view it as a loving dance of oneness showing itself as duality, is crucial to our own life. This day is a good day for contemplating this and reflecting over ones own thoughts and feelings about the light and the dark, and how to allow balance between the two to become one.

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