The Obama Birth Certificate Mind Game

Who is this guy?
Could you imagine having a President and not knowing if he's really a citizen of the country or for that matter - even what his real name is?

This is exactly the case with "President Obama" of the United States. It might come as a chock but there have always been speculations about who he actually is. All Obama's medical and personal documents have been made classified and secret. Why?

Last year the White House gave out Obama's birth certificate which was quickly proven to be a fake by anyone with a basic understanding of computer graphics. Even we at drummingfortheearth.org have done a quick analysis of the birth certificate provided by the White House and could easily conclude that the certificate was a total fake. And not a good fake either. Why?

Technical discussion.
Finally all the media attention surrounding this whole question to who the heck this guy really is..? - got the attention from some real law enforcement which took it upon themselves and did a thorough police investigation into the matter. 
The conclusion: The Birth Certificate of the President of the United States is Fake. Why?

Only the Mainstream Media thinks this is news

As we've previously said it has been know for a long time that Obama is not who they really say he is, only now it has been proven officially. There has also been lots of speculations into the matter to who or what he is (just do a Internet search), but we feel it is unwise to speculate to much without at least having an idea to where this is going.

Mindgames and Psy Ops

The whole question about who Obama really is, is a big deception and a mind game. Alex Jones from Infowars.com shares his views to this weird story:

We leave you with this final thought:

It is a fact that the people of the USA and the rest of the world do not know who the most powerful person in the world really is. We actually have no idea of who the President of the United States really is.
- Does this information wake you up or put you to sleep?

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