How propaganda works

We are fed with much propaganda intended to make us think, feel and act a certain way. Those wanting you to yield to their agenda will use different tools to get you hooked. If you know this, you will not be so easily tricked. And you will learn to see the signs when something is fishy. 

The most common way to get you hooked is by triggering fear in you. This will in turn trigger the imaginary need for protection and control in society and before you know it, you have agreed to all sorts of madness thinking you had a choice in the first place.

But sometimes the propaganda is presented to us as an inspirational and humanitarian message and the agenda seems to be a good one. How many times haven't we been told that the military is sent to a country to find the bad guy and stop the tyranny, so the men, women and children can live in peace? This is never the true cause and war will never create peace. That is a contradiction in itself. Those promoting this agenda, does not want wars to end. If they did, they would have put down their weapons in a heartbeat.

So always look further, look deeper, look beyond the surface - there is a bigger picture and more to the story. Don't let yourself be suckered in by getting blindly emotional about the subject you're being fed with - many times the subject is just a distraction from the real agenda.

Keep your cool, look at the bigger picture because there will always be clues to it - no event is an isolated one. And learn to watch and listen to information using your power of intuition. This will make you aware and by using your discernment you will be able to separate facts from fiction.

Remember; you don't have to do what everyone else is doing, you don't have to be just another sheep in the herd. You can be the one standing up, even in the face of blame and ridicule and say no. No, I will not be fooled, not anymore. I will use my power of discernment, my power of inner guidance and make up my own mind about this. I will not do as I am told because I am afraid what will happen if I don't. I am not afraid. I am awake. I am free. My mind is my own, you can not control it anymore. I won't let you.

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