Google - Why are you turning evil?

Google have always been that lovable giant that people could trust to be just and fair. They even had that nice motto or slogan "Don't be evil" that we all could relate to.

So why Google, are you now turning evil? The once so benevolent giant are seriously undermining its stand on privacy issues which no doubt is a great business decision for them, but a terrible blow to individual privacy.
The new reforms have put Google in a precarious position as a company that pertains to offer free search and email services whilst drumming up a profit through advertising sales.
As soon as the search giant announced its new privacy guidelines, the EU's data protection authorities invited an information commission to make a detailed analysis of the proposed policy. The US Federal Trade Commission has also launched a probe into the changes to Google’s privacy policy which seeks to establish whether they favor company’s own products over consumer service.

Having studied the new terms, the French National Commission for Computing and Freedom (CNIL) concluded that “preliminary findings show that Google’s new policy fails to meet the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive (95/46/CE) regarding the information that must be provided to data subjects.” [source]
Doesn't it feel like we've seen enough of this trend of doing business only to serve one's self interest? But hey, Google do say that if you don't like the new policy change - you are free to stop using them. . Yeah right, that's like going into a room where someone just farted and being asked to stop breathing if you don't like the smell. Considering Google's overwhelmingly large market dominance, it's very hard not to use Google in some way when you go on the Internet. But, this latest bad PR-move might open up for other players. We even predict a bright new future for business who make it their business strategy to take privacy and freedom issues seriously.
Liberty and Privacy - It's quite the new black these days.

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