Freedom is in your head

Revolutionary ideas are ideas that objects to the current paradigm. These ideas don't have to include blood to be realized like you often hear. Instead, a revolution can happen in the mind.

No one is going to be free from this slavery until each and everyone becomes conscious to what is going on. What exists right now can best be described as a mass hypnosis. Even the idea of money, happiness, fame is a manipulated and fabricated dream. Have we really chosen what we think is important in our lives or have someone just pointed it out for us?
Anyone can instantly see through the illusion by just questioning logic. For instance, does it make sense to serve somebody so you can make enough money as to eventually be able to buy something? And then keep repeating this thing, over and over until you die? - It is really a ridiculous idea. But we all seem to do it without questioning it?
What really exists, but a common consensus to how we all should perceive and accept the view of the world.
We need to understand that for a long time we have just projected out our needs and that any banker or government have just understood and taken advantage of our unconsciousness. Anyone who understands that people are all too eager to happily keep projecting needs, have only to keep providing for them and continue to stimulate the ever growing needs. You keep projecting your needs and someone tells you how to provide for them. Often you don't even think about if you really want the things that's being offered. You just accept whatever is handed to you.
In essence you are giving away your independence and your freedom will follow. 

The remedy is to start making and creating the world you want to live in. Secondly to throw the global elite and the bankers in jail who have taken advantage of everyone. And thirdly and most importantly - to stop acting so stupid and unconscious!

The only reason the system can exist the way it does, is because we keep giving our consent to it.

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