Who wanted to buy the UK?

Anyone remember Foundation X?

In 2010, Lord James of Blackheath stood up and addressed the English parliament with a unusual request: A foundation (which he dubbed "Foundation X") wants to secretly help the UK get out of its financial troubles by essentially buying it, and by the way, also says they will restore the country to its former glory and help us all around, so what are we going to do?

This extraordinary event actually took place during a debate in the English Parliament in 2010. A group had secretly approached members of the parliament with far-reaching and seemingly very generous ideas of how to restore the UK and help the country. The partners of this deal probably would have included the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Bilderberg group and so on. Regrettably these are also the main players who are keeping everyone down and in dept to their banks. So this deal wouldn't have been so sweet if the papers had been signed.

Lord James of Blackheath was very definite that this was not part of an elaborate hoax and as the video shows he did knew quite a bit about big money. No, what actually took place in front of the cameras seems to have been a real attempt at secretly buying the UK. If Lord James hadn't stood up and talked publicly, perhaps a little naive since he seems to have taken the offer as something that would have done the British some good, if the offer hadn't become known to the public - who knows how else this story might have ended?

For anyone who doesn't believe that there indeed exists extremely greedy super rich crazy people who stop for nothing to rob the world. This event actually happened!
Seemingly you now have two choices: Either you write everything off as part of an elaborate hoax and go back to sleep. Or, you wake up.

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Update! February 19, 2012
Lord James of Blackheath: The 15 trillion dollars

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