When Courts and Police break the Law

Ron Van Dyke is a man with strong convictions and beliefs. He shares daily videos about spirituality, news and opinions on youtube of what is happening in the world.

But, by being a public figure and openly speaking out against "the powers that be" he has gotten bad people "pissed of" by apparently bringing to much attention to what is going on. The punishment? Yesterday criminals masquerading as bankers and lawyers sold his house in a foreclosure sale, apparently without providing any legal documents to back it up or following due process.
We do not have inside information, but this really looks like the bank is stealing his property and sending a very public message to people in America to shut up and stop speaking out.

Needless to say, the criminality and ruthlessness of the bankers have also has gotten Ron Van Dyke and the Internet community pissed of. And now viewers are eagerly awaiting the next step. If you are an attorney with an urge to play hardball or media that is still free - you should contact Ron immediately.

Ron just took the gloves off.

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