We All Have Endless Possibilities

Whatever we are, is defined from how we perceive ourselves. You are not a doctor because of diplomas on your wall or a janitor because the lack off. There are terrible doctors as well as there are geniuses in disguise posing as janitors.
However we perceive reality is also what defines our limit. Whatever I accept as a boundary or a confinement for my own possibilities doesn't have it's own existence outside who I am. The boundary exists inside our heads and it's the power I give it as limits that creates that reality.

Imagine the possibilities we have if we stop treating imaginary constructs as realities. If an idea is treated as an idea there can be no wars or injustices because you simply doesn't allow it into reality. No one would be poor or struggle to make the next paycheck because that idea will not be accepted into reality.

You, we - are all the possibilities that can exist. Because as living beings we all have the power to think them into existence, or to simply give them up because we don't want it anymore. Free your mind from the limits that define your own existence.

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