US wants to start World War III on a lie

Unless you wake up and start to call your friends and let them know that the crazy people currently in charge are actually trying to start the World War III, most of us probably won't live to see the end of this year.

Talk to your friends, especially those in the armed services or law enforcement. Its about time now to come out of the comfort zone, don't ya think?

This is what's happening in the US right now, do you think they first will ask the public for advice before they go to war? Remember, it's we the people who will be killed. The real cowards who gives the orders will be comfortably hiding away in bunkers in some mountain when nukes start to fly.

US Senate wants a War

FOX - February 17, 2012

There are lots of evidence to the fact that the Cabal (New world order) are trying to create a global world war based on lies, crimes and propaganda. This is a big deception and the people behind this need to be brought to justice. No matter what you think about Iran, this country does not impose a immediate threat to the world. Read more on our site or go to: Counterpunch, Infowars, RT and others.

Engineering consent for an attack on Iran 
Paul Craig Roberts, former editor of the Wall Street Journal and an Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury:
"In addition to the massive military preparations, there is the propaganda war against Iran that has been ongoing since 1979 when Washington’s puppet, the Shah of Iran, was overthrown by the Iranian revolution. Iran is surrounded, but Washington and Israeli propaganda portray Iran as a threatening aggressor nation. In fact, the aggressors are the Washington and Tel Aviv governments which constantly threaten Iran with military attack."
Do you remember going to war against Iraq in 2002?
03/22/2003, General Tommy Franks:
"There is no doubt that the regime of Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction. As this operation continues, those weapons will be identified, found, along with the people who have produced them and who guard them."
CNN - February 16, 2012

Iran doesn't pose as a imminent threat to the US

Just ten years ago we remember hearing the same ridicules war rhetoric coming from the Bush administration. Only then it was to shape the public opinion as to be able and invade Iraq in 2003. 

And today, history repeats itself in every aspect. Even Obama's own administration has to admit that there exists no threat right now to justify a military conflict against Iran. It is the US itself which are the real aggressors and the terrorists.

On CBS’s “Face the Nation”, January 8, 2012, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said:
"Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No. But we know that they're trying to develop a nuclear capability. And that's what concerns us." (Read more)
Israel's liberal newspaper Haaretz reported on January 18 that:
"Iran has not yet decided whether to make a nuclear bomb, according to the intelligence assessment Israeli officials will present later this week to [visiting] Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff."
No matter how you see it, you can not justify starting the World War III on an if. This is simply criminal behavior and the people behind this criminal conspiracy need to be thrown out of office and brought to justice.

The "unofficial" history of Iran - US

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