Thoughts on Anonymous

Anonymous are making lots of headlines. "They" are hacking away happily at just about everything that's not liked on the Internet.

But this post is not about the moral issues of "hacking". This post is only about who could be hacking or ddosing (sending lots of request to a web server which can result to denial of service) the FBI or Whitehouse.gov or similar sites? Who could actually be doing this?

The first question obviously is, who are the Anonymous? Well, they could be anyone! Anonymous could be any kid or internet activist with a know-how and the determination to bring down an internet server. The whole idea of Anonymous seems to be to bring chaos to anything deemed bad, on a collective or on a personal level. And since there is no visible organization, it seems to be for the individual himself to decide what to do and where to express dislike.

It should only be expected that someone could quite easily take advantage of the situation if they wanted to create their own public opinion about something. And we currently have the very real threats to our online freedom with SOPA, PIPA and ACTA (search our site for information). So let's say you wanted to create an opinion which made it possible for you to legislate and restrict the Internet to your liking. Now, if you were sinister enough, which of course you are, perhaps you wanted to take advantage of Anonymous and create a False Flag Operation against something that you knew would create the right outrage. So you could for instance start hacking FBI, CIA and the whitehouse.gov and hope that people will get scared of the obvious threat to security. The outcome leads to a more favorable opinion towards more government regulation and further restrictions to the Internet and free speech. It's called Problem -> Reaction -> Solution.

Anonymous government agents?

Anonymous could be anyone with a firm knowledge about computers and the Internet. There are no membership lists and anyone can express themselfves as Anonymous. Look at their videos. And this actually seems to be the whole point. So in conclusion, you should expect bad apples who will take advantage of the situation. And you should expect anything else. Anonymous could be anybody.

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