Syria's uprising against tyranny

Everywhere people are waking up and demands their natural rights to freedom. Syria's regime is waging war on its own citizens in a attempt to stop the protests. People just want to be free. Freedom to speak their mind and choose on their own what to do, where to go and how to live. It isn't difficult to understand what we all feel in our own hearts.

We cant always see what is right and wrong, the world has become to complicated with media blackout and censorship, false information and governments everywhere going into fascist mode trying to keep their power. The Arab spring or indeed the awakening of the whole world continues in all countries. But freedom today comes at a high prize, and it shouldn't be that the people in far away countries have to fight it on their own before we understand that it's about everybody's freedom. And one day very soon you will have to fight for your own.

Other dark forces pushing secret agendas?

Note. We do not know enough about the background of this situation but the involvement of foreign intelligence agencies need to be addressed and thought about. If you know more then please comment.

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