Reclaim your mind

It's becoming increasingly important to keep questioning what's happening around us. After all, the more crazy things you see every day, the more normal it starts to seem. In war it's known that soldiers go through mental changes where their moral and ethical perception changes to the worse, and indeed this is a desired effect, how else could any general make you shoot another human being?

But you and me are not at war. Still our perceptions about what is normal are changing. More and more people see it as only normal to give up their individual freedom for the promise of protection. No matter how bad it gets, few seems to even question the costs.

We do not seem to question if it's wise that police is the first thing we call for when something has gone wrong. What message does this send to the world, when our police has become the new boogieman whom everyone is afraid of.

The only thing preventing us from seeing the reality is our own incapacity to admit to what seems like an impossible truth. But somewhere down the line we must start to question if someone indeed wants us to be and feel like this.

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