The problem with irrelevant and bias media

There is no doubt that it's a big problem for all of us that the mainstream media is in the pocket of the ruling elite. Without a free and uncensored media most people will simply not find the information they need, in order to educate themselves to understand how the world have worked up to now.
Media goes to great length to present you with irrelevant and stupefying news to be able and bury what is really relevant to people. This is deliberate tactics in order to keep you chasing shadows instead of reporting real news, which might make the public demanding real change.


A real life example: Right now, Greece within the EU has an extreme national debt situation. The public is in an uproar and even the police wants to go on a strike. The chairman of the police union, Christos Fotopoulos, calls the EU a criminal conspiracy and wants to arrest the EU/IMF officials.
But what do we hear from our mainstream news? Next to nothing about the real situation.
Most of what we do learn are of violent riots and the necessity of austerity. Almost nothing is being heard about the fact that parents in Greece are forced to give away their children because they can't afford to buy them food or that just about all the people of Greece seems to agree that the EU bankers are wrong. Instead we see an upsurge of news about the importance of paying back debts and the necessity of austerity.

To anyone with a heart, you know that the focus of the news is completely wrong. The priority of the press is to uphold the illusion that what is being done by the government or the banks is not only the sincere and proper way, but they also want to give you the impression that it is the right thing to do.
In other words:
Let the people of Greece die, just pay the bankers. 
Understand that this is the view of the media and the brainwashed. But since this is what is being said on mainstream TV, people start to buy into the propaganda because they simply don't know what else to do! You are taught to believe in your leaders and respect professionals and experts. But no matter how much the lies are being repeated, it never makes them true. The elites are wrong, and even worse - they want nothing good for common people. Since the mainstream media is in the hands of the government, people believe in lies instead of listening to the simplest of reason: That it is not right that a nation should starve in order to pay off the banking elite. The facts which these stupid ideas are being pushed with, are simply not true.

Seek information through alternative media and social networks

To much dismay of the ruling elite, there are other ways to read and learn of the actual news. And it is in all our interest to protect the Internet and to expand it. Strongly refrain from ideas where someone state that in order to protect the Internet we need to control it. Instead all decisions need to based on the fundamental principle that information wants to be free. Freedom of information and the free unregulated flow of information - creates the fundamental basis for a free and open society.

Not only is it important to find alternate news sources but it is also very important to get confirmation to news being broadcasted through conventional channels as well as the alternative media. Because we should not be so naive that we think that the ruling elite won't try and flood the alternative media with disinformation and rumors in order to create confusion. Like in any psywar this is all about control, and since they are loosing that control, the next thing is to try and confuse and spread chaos. Just keep your head and try and confirm what you see through social networks before you share it forward.

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