The power is already within you

We are faced with so much apparent turmoil, so much destructive nonsense in the world today. Non-sense means it doesn't make any sense. People think and act without sense, insanely, when they are under the influence of something.

I will tell you a secret. We are trained to believe our thoughts and to not question them, it never enters our minds that our own thoughts might not be real!

What are thoughts? They are movements in the mind that come and go. We make them real by our belief and addiction to them. Yes, there is an addiction to thought in the world. This addiction is in most people and that addiction creates a world where people feel lonely and depressed, insecure and fearful.

This in turn makes people feel the need to hide their true feelings, and to not follow their hearts in trying to conform to society. No one wants to be left out in the cold, do they? Thinking like this, is living under the delusion of being separate from the oneness of life. It's like being in a dream.

But we don't see this, being under the influence of thought. We never question our own thoughts because no one told us about it, that's why I call it a secret. We didn't even know that we had an option, but to indiscriminately believe what our minds tell us - putting us in opposition to others, feeling inferior or arrogantly superior to everyone else. And by believing our minds we are easily influenced by those who wants us to stay within the limits of certain thought patterns. Why? Because then we are easily controlled.

But we are not limited beings, we are limitless like space. And we do have the power to question our destructive and diminishing thoughts. That power of attention is natural to us, and using it is the sane thing to do.

Waking up to power of awareness is necessary for us, now more than ever before. It is vitally important that we become aware of this power if we want to stop the insanity and become sane human beings, and in the process create a sane world.

Always remember that the truth is you are a free being, you are consciousness expressing itself in human form. You are not limited, not separate from the world. You are connected to all and everything, and within that knowledge lies freedom from mental slavery. Free your mind!

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