Full Moon Ceremony - February 7th, 2012

We see more dishonest and unjust behavior every day. It's important to keep our thoughts near the heart, and remember that we are all here together. Nothing and no one left out. We are one, always, in the great hoop that we call life.

There's always lots to think about, much pain and suffering that we see every day. Tonight we can give away our thoughts and fears, we give it away to Mother Earth, she will know what to do, and transform it into healing and powerful medicine. Do this together with expressing your hopes, dreams and love and end your ceremony in a positive way. Remember the good things with the bad and don't feel the need to hold anything back. It's better to stand naked and talk freely, then wearing masks which can hide your feelings from others, but silences your heart in the process.

The ceremony is being held tonight in places all over the world:

You are free to participate and hold full moon ceremonies in your own manner and do so as you prefer. We respectfully ask that you all remember to direct a special call to the Hearts of the World, asking the Earth to help awaken everyone around you and people where you live.
Direct yourself towards your own heart and ask it to open. Then ask your heart to call to the Hearts of the World, asking the Earth to help awaken everyone around you and all the people where you live.

Let's remember that we are all part of this beautiful world. We share the most blessed Mother with everything around us. Everyday is a celebration. Tonight is part of a powerful awakening.

Not against race, gender or beliefs.
But against lies, abuse and hidden agendas.
Let everyone talk freely.
Let everyone choose what to do.
Let everyone go where they want.
Don't go back to sleep!
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