Elections are nothing but fraud

Don't vote, you might as well throw your vote directly into the garbage instead of voting. The only thing you contribute to by going to the voting boot is upholding and reaffirming the illusion that the democratic process is still working in the world.

In the old days politicians at least tried to give the illusion that they still gave a damn about their campaign promises after election night. Today, it seems more and more as a sick joke to them to see how much they can get away with, and nobody is ever held accountable.

You often hear that the democratic process is the only thing we got and that we only need to have a look at countries that don't have elections and that this somehow should make us all feel better. Or perhaps it's supposed to make us feel a little bad since we don't appreciate what we got (!)

But we're not stupid. If the only reason to have elections is so the ruling elite can put on a show now and then that they disagree and fight a little over "change", and then immediately turn around and do business as usual and not really change anything - then the joke will always be on the people for accepting and giving consent to fraud. Nobody needs rulers - claim your own power to decide over yourself. (Read more)

..And the last decent program on Fox got cancelled this week. It seems Judge Napolitano got fed up with all the lies and said some things that got him fired.. Thank you Judge for standing up for what is right.

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