Dying and Near Death Experiences

Death is real. It can come as a surprise and often as an unwelcome guest. We often have no relationship to dying which makes us fear the unknown, like we probably would be suspicious of any stranger that we don't know or understand. The modern world have lost most of its knowledge and insight about death and dying. Most indigenous cultures, and some older cultures which haven't totally lost their ancient ways to more modern views, see death as a transition into another way of being, and consider their ancestors as still part of the living. But now the dead exist in another state of consciousness, which we often just refer to as the spiritworld. And being part of the spiritworld is yet another transition which leads to another, and another, and so on. All part of existing in the great Hoop we call life.

Life goes through lots of different stages, being born and dying are part of these stages. Perhaps the reason most people in the modern world cling so hard to the middle part is because we know so little about what comes before and after.

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