Darkness and Light

We hold many concepts in our minds. Fresh concepts can sometimes help us grow and evolve but other concepts that are stale make us feel trapped, small and lead to us creating a destructive life on Earth.
One stale concept that is destructive and keeps us alienated, is the concept of light and dark as being two opposite forces in constant war. In this conceptual dualistic war we feel the need to choose sides, because we divide reality into "good and evil". In this fake concept, light is equal to goodness and dark is equal to evil. This is just not true.

This false concept makes us feel afraid. Afraid of the dark, of the unknown, afraid of Mother Earth. This makes us easy to control through propaganda media, TV shows, Hollywood movies etc. Just yell "darkness" and most people will shiver in fear because what they hear is "evil", or "something's out to get you".

Most people fail to see that nature is made up of both light and dark, of day and night, birth and death and that there really is no strict line between what is light and what is darkness. Life is a circle of wholeness, it's not linear and strictly divided into parts. Just look at the Taoist symbol of balance; the Yin and Yang.

So, to hold on to the concept of light as "good" and dark as "evil" is in no way helpful in creating a beautiful life in Earth. In fact, it can be quite destructive and keep you from seeing life as it is. And it can keep you from enjoying the ride while you're here!

You are light born out of deep darkness. Therefore, you are both light and dark. Forget about the thoughts of "good and bad", or "good vs. evil" which are not original to you anyway.

I love Darkness because I was born from that Womb into Light. Darkness is my mother, Light is my father. I embrace them both in my heart. That's where I Know them as One.

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