Control of the Media

One of the most important and influential tools to governmental and corporate power is the media. Regrettably media today in just about every country around the world is intensely focused on only one thing, and that's showing the sanctioned and agreed political truth.

Societies have absolutely no chance to guarantee freedom and liberty if the prevailing power and government is not under the constant and unbiased scrutiny of a free and unregulated press. The opposite is equally true, without control of the media, no government can ever control or dominate a society.

Watching TV and reading mainstream news has become little more than an insult to human intelligence and something that we discourage people from. If you want to know the news, you have to search for it yourself. If your only source for news is the same channels as your source of entertainment.. you are in deep trouble.

The control of mainstream media is total

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the news being broadcasted is not only the preferred version of the truth but is only a small portion of what is actually happening. Everything else has been left out, either because it's not deemed newsworthy, interesting or simply because it isn't in the best interest of the state and corporation. (Read more)

When news get caught doing the naughty and are obviously being unethical and presenting "news" as to fit the current politic agenda, it might be a little funny as in this video where Conan O'Brian owns it. But we also need to ask ourselves the question: How much news have we really been watching that were little more than rehearsed acting?

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