ACTA gets killed - Internet controlled by U.N. instead

So it looks like ACTA is going to get killed. The overwhelmingly large protesting around Europe have got the bureaucrats to step back and now the ACTA is being suspended and the European Court of Justice are going to investigate for possible rights breaches.

..And naturally they will find breaches to citizens rights. This was the whole point of the ACTA agreement! The only reason it's getting scrapped now is because lots of heads have been rolling because of public protesting.
But don't think for a second that the bureaucrats themselves thought they were doing anything wrong. The European Commission even went so far as to say that the protesters were not democratic or represented a wider scale of the citizens of the EU. (Just who the h*ll do they think they are?)

But in steps the U.N..

Instead it looks like the U.N. will try and seize the control over the Internet. Conveniently when one agreement becomes scrapped, another magically comes forward.

Robert M McDowell, commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission writes in The Wall Street Journal:
On Feb. 27, a diplomatic process will begin in Geneva that could result in a new treaty giving the United Nations unprecedented powers over the Internet. Dozens of countries, including Russia and China, are pushing hard to reach this goal by year's end. As Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said last June, his goal and that of his allies is to establish "international control over the Internet" through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a treaty-based organization under U.N. auspices.

If successful, these new regulatory proposals would upend the Internet's flourishing regime, which has been in place since 1988. That year, delegates from 114 countries gathered in Australia to agree to a treaty that set the stage for dramatic liberalization of international telecommunications. This insulated the Internet from economic and technical regulation and quickly became the greatest deregulatory success story of all time.
 The article goes on to say
[...] Today, however, Russia, China and their allies within the 193 member states of the ITU want to renegotiate the 1988 treaty to expand its reach into previously unregulated areas. Reading even a partial list of proposals that could be codified into international law next December at a conference in Dubai is chilling:
  • Subject cyber security and data privacy to international control;
  • Allow foreign phone companies to charge fees for "international" Internet traffic, perhaps even on a "per-click" basis for certain Web destinations, with the goal of generating revenue for state-owned phone companies and government treasuries;
  • Impose unprecedented economic regulations such as mandates for rates, terms and conditions for currently unregulated traffic-swapping agreements known as "peering."
  • Establish for the first time ITU dominion over important functions of multi-stakeholder Internet governance entities such as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit entity that coordinates the .com and .org Web addresses of the world;
  • Subsume under intergovernmental control many functions of the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Society and other multi-stakeholder groups that establish the engineering and technical standards that allow the Internet to work;
  • Regulate international mobile roaming rates and practices.

It is quite clear that TPTB (The Powers That Be) are very afraid and wants to take immediate control over the Internet. Make no mistake, the Internet is the single biggest obstacle for the New world order to seize total control over all public information channels. If the Internet is restricted it will be like having the Iraqi propaganda minister, "Baghdad Bob" shouting: "all is well!" while tanks comes rolling down the streets. The only way to stop them is to keep waking people up to what is happening. Don't let them take control over the Internet.

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