Understanding different alternatives

One of the necessities for a different world is for us all to start thinking differently and open up to alternate paths and ideas. But you've get mad trying to find something positive if you only search through mainstream media. It's sad but media today are nothing else then state sponsored propaganda, with a very few exceptions. If you expect to find your ideas through TV, you will only get disappointed and you might also start to believe that there is no solution other than giving in and to try and turn off hope for a better tomorrow. (If you can't think, try turning of your TV!)

But rather then doing something stupid, instead search elsewhere for different ideas. Below is a trailer for a documentary I've recently watched and liked very much. It's called "Thrive". I liked it because it doesn't just show you the problem, but it also tries to point towards solutions and new ideas which have been hidden from public view. It's very important to understand that there already exists mind blowing inventions and innovations in fields like different energy sources or health and medicine, but you don't get to hear about them because they don't want you to know! By keeping everyone in the dark, they can continue to push their secret agenda and the unknowing masses continues to accept what is happening because they just don't know what else to do! Knowledge is power.

This documentary goes through great lengths speaking of alternative energy sources, different ways to build communities, changes to government and more. Check it out.

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