Re-inventing old values

The future can feel like an ominous and dangerous place. Right now the world feels uncertain and we're collectively holding our breaths. There's a underlining question shared by those who dares to think, wondering: What's going to happen?

But it could all be very nice. What worries us the most are our thoughts and suspicions of what might come. But those are just ideas and as such they are not true. The future is not here yet.

It's a beautiful world we live in. We have all this incredible nature around us and what we think we need beside what we got, we can build. If we want to we could build all the wonderful things that we didn't even knew we needed.. And truthfully, most of it we don't need. But besides that which is a whole discussion in it self, we could all live healthy, rich, fulfilling, wise and spiritual lives. If we wanted to.

There's a misconception that we cant all live rich fulfilling lives, instead only some of us can live as kings and queens while the rest must crawl around in trash. This is an manufactured truth. Look around you, does nature look like it cant sustain us all and still be healthy and strong? Naturally it can't provide for us all if we let a few elites treat the world as their private mining facility while the rest of us does our best to look the other way. And then we all loose in the end.
The world is a sacred place where everything exist in harmony. What prevents us from seeing this is because we have adopted bad ideas and stupid practices. Instead of listening so much to what we're being told, let us think for ourself and discuss alternate paths and ideas. Which is mostly just a question of re-inventing old values.

This is a video which in its own way portrays what I've just discussed. It's meant as food for thoughts.

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