Merge past with present

We can't hope to live good lives if we don't understand where we all come from. If we only live in the present we miss out on so much wisdom and knowledge that we need today, so we can live full and happy lifes.

If we should regard the old world with the all the old knowledge as something that is no longer with us and alive, we only draw misery and misfortune upon us all. We shouldn't think of traditions and heritage as something coming from a distant past which is no longer relevant to us. We always live side by side with the old and the new. We have been wrongfully told that which is old can be disregarded because it's no longer active or powerful.
It's never a good idea to ignore or to try and erase our own history and heritage without really thinking about what's being done, and to take into consideration the whole nature around it.
We're all part of everything around us. And we wouldn't prosper if we feed upon ourselves. That would be called Cancer.

We can learn much by listening to wisdom coming from older cultures. To start with, we should try our hardest to remember everything they have to tell us about how not accidentally or intentionally end up killing ourselfs..

These are the Kogi that lives in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Their civilization has continued since the Pre-Columbian era.

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