Fear can crush us all

If you fear them, they will win. Whoever they might be, they will win if you fear them.

Everyone who have trained in martial arts knows that if you get your opponent to fear you, most if not all of the fight is already over. You can not fight well if you fear your opponent. Fear acts as a blindness in your mind and it effectively crushes your will and makes resistance almost impossible.

In every country around the world people are giving in to their own fear. We look at our neighbors and even friends with suspicion and hostility. We are getting afraid, and most of us don't even know why or of what!

Most low-level government and law enforcement are definitely not out to get anyone. They want to help but most of them haven't got a clue on how to do it on their own, so they follow order. And most of the people at the top of the power hierarchy are not good guys. So you have your good guy at the bottom trying his or her best to carry out the orders coming from the bad guys at the top. And who do we end up distrusting and fearing? Naturally it's the good guy who doesn't know better, and eventually beats you down with a stick - just following orders. Now, don't get me wrong. All of the police are not good, but all are not bad either. That's the truth. It comes down to personal courage and grits on how it's going to be. Everyone has to decide on their own.

Today it's being announced through Swedish television that is now becoming lawful to use teargas to disperse large crowds. Just like they do right now against the Occupy Wall street protesters in most countries.
Now, I want you to listen very carefully to what I'm about to say: Our own police don't want this law.

Our own police don't want this law and feel it's doing more harm then good. And if our own police don't want it, then who does? I've already told you before, it's the bad guys at the top of the power hierarchy.
These are not laws that will help and protect anyone. These are laws that are meant to put fear into you. Making you feel like the world is dangerous and that you need protection, and eventually make you beg for more "protection" because you feel so afraid. Don't you feel fearful when you see the pictures where police attack protesters with teargas? That's exactly what these laws are there for. These are not violent protesters, these are everyday people doing what they can to protest against bank bailouts, psychopathic elites (the 1%) who think everyone else are cattle.

If you think crushing protesters are a good way to keep the peace and uphold the law, then I am not talking to you. But I'm talking to everyone else who see the insanity in having police crush lawful protesting with the use of force. This is the trademarks and fear tactics of a police state, not a democracy where citizens have the right to speak out against what they think is wrong.

Your government is not there to decide what you should think or do. The government is not even there to rule you or anyone else. The government is there to represent the people which have elected them into office, and that's you and me. If your government starts to use force to crush opponents then they are no longer representatives of the people, they have become nothing more then fascists.

Don't give into fear so you don't see what is happening around you. Slowly your rights are being taken away, one by one and it's all being done under the pretext that it will protect us. Well, do you feel protected? Do you feel safer? Of course you don't, but rather then standing there and let history repeat itself - get of your chair and do something about it. Use your rights as a human being and protest. Because if you don't protest now, you might soon not be able to do it anymore. Because the rights to disagree and protest have become unlawful.

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